Pallets production

tir_paletaToday F.W. OLEX-TRANS designs and builds pallets and various wood products. Dried pallets and IPPC labeled pallets are not only for Polish customers but also for the clients from European Union. The quality of our goods is really high.

We offer a standard size products, however we can fulfill the individual needs or our clients. We are open to any kind of suggestions.

Our offer consists standard pallets with the following standards:    

  • Disposable pallets with dimensions of 1200×800
  • Disposable pallets with dimensions of 1200×1000
  • Industrial pallets size 1200×800
  • Industrial pallets size 1200×1000
  • Pallet boxes
  • Wooden caps
  • Timber
  • Spacers
  • Pallets unusual dimensions on request

For our clients we have our own transport base. It depends on you how quickly you receive delivered goods.

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